About us

Started in 2018, with a dream of providing the best value for our consumers and clients, WebSamp is driven to a change in how brands create and launch products. We champion market research and technology. When you sign up on our tool, you can be rest assured of your data security. All the survey responses are completely anonymous and no personal information is shared with our clients. You can refer to our FAQ section, for more detailed information or if you wish to have a direct response you can fill our contact form on the contact page. We’d be happy to solve any of your queries.


We believe in transparency and we appreciate the effort you put in when you decide to work with us and our service rewards this effort. Once you sign up on our website, we will be asking you to share your current email address, this is needed so you can get started with our surveys on various topics. The email you’ll receive will have the link to the survey, the length of the survey, any additional details needed, and most importantly, it will have information about the reward you will receive for completing it. Most of our surveys have a duration of 5-10 minutes, which can be from different companies and across a wide range of topics.

Our proprietary tool is 100% safe. Membership to our service is free of cost and all the survey responses are completely anonymous. All our surveys are voluntary and you have a choice on both not participating in them and or leaving them whenever you wish. We believe in the power of customer feedback and the influence it brings to improving advertising and product development.